Jorge has three passions in life: teaching ,dancing and learning new things. He has been teaching for 28 years and dancing for 30. He has taught in sports clubs, private schools, state schools, colleges and universities in Peru, Germany and in the UK. He  dances Salsa, Merengue, Marinera (Peruvian Flamenco) and  Afro-Peruvian rhythms. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education(Hons), PTLLS (Level 4), a Lancaster University PGCE, a LAMDA Bronze Medal in Acting, a Manchester University Postgraduate Diploma in TESOL (Level 7) and an  Additional Diploma in Teaching English in the Lifelong Learning Sector (Level 5).

Jorge teaches Peruvian Salsa which shares its basic step with L.A. Salsa and it is also danced On1 but it doesn't include as many spins as the other styles of salsa; instead the dancers should concentrate on flirtatious eye contact and hip movement. Men should be aware that their role is to make their partner look good as well as provide a clear lead and be in overall control. Jorge Ulloa-Medina was the first salsa teacher in the world to codify Peruvian Salsa and promote it in the UK,the Caribbean, Peru and Continental Europe.

In his lessons he uses classic Salsa songs ("Billete", "El Timbalero", "Mary", "La Rebelion", etc) as well as Latin Pop such as: "Hips Don't Lie", "Mambo Number 5", "Living La Vida Loca" and "Bailamos". To develop the students' awareness of rhythm, Jorge uses  Afro-Peruvian  music and steps from "Festejo", "Alcatraz" and other Peruvian dances. He also uses "La Contadora" (the counter).

Jorge is aware that students have different learning styles (Activists, Pragmatists, Theorists and Reflectors), so his lessons include demonstrations, clear explanations and handouts explaining the moves for men and women -and translations and cultural references when necessary. The students can also watch the three initial steps of Peruvian Salsa (BBC) on this website: "First Lesson Routine". BBC stands for 2 Basics, 2 Backs and 2 Cucarachas.

At the moment Mr. Ulloa-Medina works as a Lecturer 1 at Blackpool and The Fylde College (England) where he teaches : ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), Spanish, Peruvian Salsa and Merengue. He is a permanent member of staff and has been working there since January 2000.

Jorge Ulloa is a member of CocoSalsa which is  the ONLY GENUINE LATINO TEAM in Blackpool. CocoSalsa in conjunction with the Elgin Hotel organised the First Blackpool Salsa Weekend (3-5 June 2011) and the Second Blackpool Salsa Weekend (Friday 8 June -Sunday 10 June 2012). 

If you come to one of his lessons not only will you get a good dancer and demonstrator, but also a very experienced teacher who will give you individual attention and positive feedback.You will be given a syllabus so you  will know exactly at what level  you are working and monitor your own progress. 

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