1 Basic Step x2

2 Back Step x2 (or Double Opening Outs)

3 Cucarachas x2 (Side Steps)

Once you have mastered these three steps, try doing them while rotating clockwise. 


4 Enchufa (Changing places turn) x2

5 Submarine x1

6 The Little Window x1 


7 La Mana x1

8 The Turkish Towel x1

9 Right-hand Wrap x1

10 Left-hand Wrap x1

11 Prima (Out of Dirty Dancing)

12 The Comb (Transition from Open Hold to Close Hold)

13 Cross Body Lead (Closed)  x1

14 Cross Body Lead (Open) x1

15 Sacala (Take her out)

     15.1 Man: Half basic + Right Hook Turn // Woman:  ½ Basic + Right Turn

     15.2 Man: ½ Cucaracha + Second ½ of Cross Body Lead (Cross Basic) // Woman: Enchufa with Styling

16 Opening Out x2

     Man: Diagonal Cucarachas (x2) // Woman: Opening outs (x2)

17 Half-Submarine + Styling

     17.1 Man: Basic // Woman: Basic and Right Turn

     17.2 Man: Basic // Woman: Basic + Styling

18  Cross Basic x 2

     Man: Starts on his left foot // Woman: Starts on her right foot

19 Simultaneous Turns

     Man: Half Basic + Left Turn // Woman: Half Basic + Right Turn

20 Head Loops x2

21 Sombrero

     Man: Basic step // Woman: ½ Basic + One-and-a-Quarter Right Turn

22 Cross Body Lead x2

23 Cross Body Lead with Man’s Hook Turn (to his right)

24 Lady's Right Turn (only 180°).

25 Back to Back + Rotation

     Man: Cucarachas x4 // Woman: Cucarachas x4

26 Triangle (Triangulo)

     Man: Alternates between Cross Basics and Back Steps x3 // Woman: Back Step Turns x3

27 Submarine + Little Window with Cross Body Lead

*Back to BBC (2 Basics, 2 Backs and 2 Cucarachas)

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